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money back

Up to $26,000 per employee from the federal government ERTC program to use on operating expenses.

What You Need To Know

This Form Takes On Average 3 Minutes To Complete.


All you have to invest is 3 minutes of your time to potentially get hundreds of thousands of dollars from the government.

Apply Now To See If You're Eligible. 

This is at no upfront cost to you, our software will give you the best estimate possible.

Our average refund is $95,000

Our team hase helped fund almost $3B for businesses just like yours!

These Funds Will Dry Up Soon


This program has a limited amount of funds available, these are rightfully yours, claim them before they are gone

Who we are

Our company is based in Dallas, TX and operates other businesses in the real estate and marketing industries. We work with many companies across the country in NY, FL, Oregon, among others. We know just how much the pandemic affected all of us. 

We partnered with ERC Together in 2023 to help other business owners easily go through the process of getting money back from the government. The government has offered help, but it's way too complicated and hard for people to do on their own. It takes trained accountants hours and hours to file, and that could even be rejected by the IRS. 


We've partnered with a group that streamlines all the hard work of filing and helps guide business owners like you and us through this process in exchange for a portion of the refund. It was worth it to us, and I think it will be worth it to many others so that's why we created this simple web site to spread the word. 


Please leave us feedback or message us if you want to talk. If you're ready to check how much your business qualifies for, then go ahead and get started.  Thank you for stopping by!

Daltok Properties LLC, 539 W Commerce St #4782, Dallas, TX 75208